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How we Rocked Robocon-2013!

All content mostly posted here is a work of me and my teammates from robotics team of our college. We build Very random things through out our time together. But our ultimate aim every year is to Rock the Robocon. And trust me, this year we Nailed it!! B-)
So i just thought of showing off the timeline of we making our Robots.
Hope you all will like it.

The whole task was to build 2 robots 1 Manual one Auto We started with the manual. here are its pics in the making.

fully done manual

Craken 1

We called it the CRACKEN

And here is the Auto in the making.

autonomous Naked

Autonomous in making

Night Practice

Looks cool in the night right? 😀
Its name was Poseidon but we forgot to put a trident on it.

Here are they at the Robocon-13

at robocon 1 at robocon 2

Finally the Champions were brought back home.

Resting robots

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