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Microcontroller 101: SPI and I2C/TWI with AVR

We saw in our earlier article some basics about UART protocol and you must know that That isn’t the only protocol we use for communication. UART is okayish for the … Continue reading

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Microcontrollers 101: Timers/Counters

Here We are, Starting an article series Micro controllers 101 We will be covering most of the stuff you will be needing in our upcoming articles. If you have any … Continue reading

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How Not to Blow up A Servo Motor

Read this before burning any servo Motors Disclaimer : This Tutorial is totally intended for educational purposes and if you are planning to build a massive man eating Robot using … Continue reading

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Interface Playstation Joystick to AVR Microcontroller

First thing while making any Electronic Device we should consider is its controlling box should be classy. Let it be a Dark Green text Batch file or a Mad scientist … Continue reading

July 27, 2013 · 6 Comments