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Simple Marx Generator

Disclaimer : Again! All the high voltage stuff i will be posting here is for educational purpose only. I am not at all responsible for your actions if you are trying to replicate this concept.


We are very much obsessed with the High voltage and this winter i am guessing we will be all about high voltage only.
In last article we showed you the High voltage DC generator using voltage multiplier. In this article we will be showing you how to use that high DC voltage to Again boost it up to 10 times higher voltage by the means of Marx generator.
The concept was first introduced by the guy Erwin Otto Marx thus the name.

The basic concept of working of our Marx generator is first we are gonna charge all these capacitors in parallel and somehow we have to connect these all in series multiplying the input voltage by the value of n making the output voltage = nV volts. to connect all of these in series we put there spark gaps. so once the capacitor is sufficiently charged the spark triggers the connection and connects all in series generating larger Arc.

We have made a 10 stage Marx generator. It produces arcs but they aren’t that huge as the caps available in the market in our required range were of very low Farads
Anyways here is the components you will need
Rb- charging resistor this one take about 4.7M 2Watts
Rs – these ladder resistors 1-2M 2Watts
C – capacitors of around 1nF and 4-12KV range ceramic



So how are we supposed to increase the Arcs length? Add larger caps. it will increase the charging time but will produce fatter arcs. Also increase the DC voltage input. Thus stronger arcs at the first place generating wider spark gaps. Also obviously you can increase the number of stages to have More ‘N’ factor to produce larger voltages.

That’s all for today. We will be posting more high voltage stuff this winter. So stay tuned. Next thing we will be covering is flyback i suppose .

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